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Rescue Dog From Korea - From Meat Market to Beloved Pet



Sweet little Sophie was rescued from the Korean dog meat market less than two weeks ago.

Sophie is an albino Maltese mix. She spent the first two years of her life living in deplorable conditions, without any proper food, shelter, medical care or love. Sophie has a very gentle temperament but is understandably nervous and cautious of new people, sounds, objects etc.

Sophie’s adoptive mom Shari is dedicated to helping her little girl gain some confidence and help her acclimate to her new life in America!

Sophie is learning that the world isn’t so scary by pairing every day objects and situations with yummy treats creating positive associations. Sophie was originally even hesitant to approach me, but with time, patience and flavorful treats, not only did Sophie gain the confidence to approach me, she let me handle her and by the end of the session, Sophie learned how to SIT on cue. Sophie also starting working on other foundation behaviors such as “WATCH”, “TOUCH” and “PUPPY ZEN.” Shari learned the skills needed to continue working with Sophie to improve these new skills!

Looking forward to seeing Sophie at our next session!!

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