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Private In-Home Training

Mid-Island Therapy dogs offers in-home, private training that is customized to meet the needs of the whole family: owners and their dogs!


​Training begins with an Initial Consultation which lasts around 90 minutes.  During this consultation, we will gather information, discuss your goals for your pet’s training and introduce you to the positive reinforcement training techniques, including using a “clicker” that we will be using!

Based on what we learn at the Initial Consultation, we will put together a training program to meet your goals quickly and effectively.  Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, you can work on obedience, learning polite manners, or have fun training cool tricks.  Mi-T Dogs will work to tailor a program just for you.

Option 1: Classic Dog Training Sessions

Mid-Island Therapy dogs offers private coaching for you and your family.  During a training session, a trainer from Mi-T Dogs teaches you how to train your pet.  These training sessions typically take place once or twice a week. Owners receive “homework” to practice and reinforce new skills on their own between training sessions.

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Option 2:  Puppy Socialization Training

Six 60-minute training sessions in your home.

For puppies and their people during the critical socialization period (0-12 weeks). We will do at least three safe socialization outings. Proper socialization is critical to puppies during the first 16 weeks of life. We will expose your puppy in a safe, fun manner to many stimuli to help them be confident in this big world. 


Training of Foundation Skills are included during these sessions.* 

*Foundation Skills includes: Sit, Down, Stay, Recall (Come), Settle on Mat, Beginning Loose Leash walking skills

Option 3:  Day Training Sessions

Busy professionals often have difficulty finding time to train their own pets.  Mi-T Dogs offers the convenience of day training. We train your dog for you while you're at work or on the go. Then, we teach you what you need to know to keep your pet on track! Day training sessions can be scheduled for between 1 to 4 times per week.*

Once a week there is an “owner transfer session" where you are shown the new skills that your dog has learned and you learn the techniques to prompt and maintain your dog’s new skills. Sessions include training and a brief play session which helps release some energy to help owners out! 

* Owners do not need to be present during these sessions. 

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