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Mi-T Dogs offers Animal Assisted Therapy prep classes to help you and your special dog learn the skills needed to become a registered Pet Partner therapy team.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a free pre-screening.


The key to knowing if your dog might make a good therapy dog is to ask yourself these questions.

Does my dog love attention from people?

Therapy dogs don’t just tolerate being handled. They welcome it and enjoy being with people, getting pet and getting attention! That’s the most important factor in thinking about taking the next step towards this goal.  If you aren’t sure, Mi-T Dogs can help you figure it out!


Does my dog know his basic commands?

Therapy dogs need to behave nicely in public.  They cannot jump on people or vocalize excessively. They need to know their basic cues: SIT, DOWN, STAY. COME, LEAVE IT.  If your dog knows the above, you are ready for THERAPY PREP II. If your dog needs some more work, no fear! THERAPY PREP I is right for you.  To work on those skills on a 1-1 basis, See our  PRIVATE TRAINING offerings

Therapy Prep I 
5 Week Class


Class works on the skills SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, LEAVE IT as well as learning how to faze out any naughty behaviors such as jumping, mouthing etc.

Therapy Prep II

5 Week Class

Class includes work on focus, recognizing your dog’s stress signs, working with medical equipment and children, teaching your dog how to “visit” with a patient, role playing, distracted stays, advanced leave it commands and much more!

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